Why are you taking preorders? 

Due to COVID-related chip shortages, we are having to order some of our critical electronic components 6 months in advance of production. Preorders will allow us to estimate our chip requirements. 

When will I get my SmartEarrings™? 

Since we are having to order components six months ahead, and because it will take time beyond that to manufacture and test our earrings, you can expect to receive your SmartEarrings™ around mid 2024. If there are further delays, we will keep you apprised. 

Will I need to pay the full amount now? 

Your credit card will be only be charged a 25% deposit for now. That is $49 for our starter SmartEarrings™ that retail for $196. You will be charged the remaining amount when we are about to start production. At that time we will email you, and you will have the option of either canceling your order and getting your deposit back or paying the balance. If you decided to upgrade the style of your earrings, your balance will be the MSRP of the earrings minus the deposit. We will also automatically offer Early Adopter discounts and/or extras at that time! 

When can I pick the style of earrings I want? 

We are taking preorder deposits on our most affordable SmartEarrings™ (the audio module is the same for all earrings.) Just before we start production, we will invite you to choose a different style if you so desire. At that time, you can upgrade to or add on a new style.