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$49.00 USD

We are taking preorders again! The $49 deposit is towards our $196 SmartEarrings™.

If you are here, you probably already know a lot about our SmartEarrings™. Still, here are the basics, at a glance:

  • Each SmartEarring™ has an easily removable audio module so that the earrings can be worn with or without the module 
  • The SmartEarrings™ communicate with your SmartPhone (Android or IOS) wirelessly 
  • You can take and make calls, listen to podcasts, ask for information, etc via your SmartEarrings™
  • We will be adding new styles of earrings on an ongoing basis. These earrings can be worn interchangeably with your audio module.
  • Our newest SmartEarrings™ use Bluetooth® 5 along with cutting edge audio chips, and are essentially True Wireless Earbuds (TWE)
  • The SmartEarrings™ are Open Ear (the speaker does not sit inside the ear/ear canal but is positioned loosely just outside.) This make them more comfortable and hygienic. 


Information about pre-ordering:

You will only be charged a $49 DEPOSIT for now to reserve your earrings. The deposit will help us determine how many units to manufacture since supply chain disruptions are still an issue for electronics manufacturing at this time. The balance on your SmartEarrings™ will be due  just before we start production. 

YOU WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO PICK A SPECIFIC STYLE at that time. Please note that our most popular earrings are $196.00. After paying a $49 deposit, you will owe a balance of $147 (minus any discounts) which will be due at the time we start production. If you choose a more expensive style of earrings, your balance will depend on the specific style. We will also give you a 10% discount at that time for being an early adopter!

Additionally, YOU WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO CANCEL YOUR ORDER  just before we start production. 

Therefore, if you hope to be rocking your SmartEarrings™ soon-ish, this is your chance to pre-order them with little risk.