Are these earrings? Or are they earphones? Yes.

  • Fashion x Function
  • Earrings x Earphones
  • Style x Sound
Fashion x Function
Earrings x Earphones
Style x Sound

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Good stuff they wrote about us

"Hearables can look like this!"

"As much a stylish piece of jewelery as it is an impressive piece of tech, the Peripherii is a hearable that can whisper your notifications into your ear." Read more...

“Peripherii, harnessing the power of whispering notifications”

Meet Peripherii's stylish alternative to earbuds.

"Top 100 Women in tech"

"...earphones get tangled; earbuds fit poorly and are easily lost...Thus the idea was born: an earring allowing access to the functions of our phone right at our ear, hands free, wire-free, and also stylishly." Read more...

Tech Stuff we wrote


"Another change coming to wearables is the disappearing or shrinking screen. Hearables are whittling away at our screen-obsession." Read more...

The Case For Hearables

"Traditional accessiblity options are becoming obsolete... as hearables are finding their voice in the wearable world." Read more...

Bose AR Glasses

"What do you get when you cross a pair of sunglasses with a world-class audio company? Meet Frames, glasses with a sound track." Read more...

Hands free. Wire free. Worry free.


Our earrings speak volumes